About Swachhcoin

Swachhcoin Foundation is a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to work extensively to overhaul the waste management sector by acting as a complete technology developer and service provider in this domain. Swachhcoin will make the existing waste management industries as efficient and capable as possible so that they become technologically and otherwise able to tackle the imminent waste management crisis the world faces at this very moment. Apart from working with industries, Swachhcoin will develop an ecosystem where individuals on a mass level are made aware of the possibilities of waste around them so that they understand their roles and responsibility and act accordingly.

Now let’s look at what they do, and how they are going to do it from their Overview. And you also can read their Whitepaper Here.

      Swachhcoin Plan and Statements

An average household generates over 2000kgs of waste each year. Question is, are YOU working towards a better world or worse?

Swachhcoin is here to help.

Integrating blockchain with coming of age technologies like IoT,

Adaptive Intelligence and Big Data, we aim to disrupt the existing waste management system

Swachhcoin is an effort to align Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of things with Blockchain technology so that anyone and everyone can contribute and tackle the biggest challenge that we are facing around the globe.







Swachhcoin aims to revolutionize waste management by creating a token that will be used to provide monetary incentive primarily to the domestic households. The waste processing industry will be at the core of fueling this economy


                                                                           WORKING MODEL

If you need more information head over to their website and see it for yourself here. They also can be joined on telegram here.

As with All investment, please do your research and make your own decision. Don’t invest more than what you are willing to loose.









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