About DIY Tube Coin

The Video Sharing Cryptocurrency Backed By A Growing Community.

Can I Make Money With DIY Tube?

As more people join DIY Tube Video sharing community and start earning DIY Tube Coins, the word will spread. A snowball effect will begin with the value of the coin increasing as the community grows larger. The more people interact with DIY Tube Coins, the more its value will grow.


Save DIY Tube Coins For Their Growing Value.

Spend DIY Tube Coins In The Community.

Sell DIY Tube Coins On An Exchange.

Watch Its Value Continue To Increase.


What Is DIY Tube Coin

DIY Tube Coin is the cryptocurrency which is rewarded to people for interacting on

DIY Tube Video Community site.


Video creators are rewarded DIY Tube Coins for minutes played and interaction with their videos. Commenters will be rewarded based on the popularity of their comments. Everyone earns DIY Tube Coins in the DIY Tube Video Community. Payments are made every 24 hours. Make a comment today and see your earnings grow tomorrow.


Riding on the Ethereum blockchain, DIY Tube Coin is stable and reliable. This also makes DIY Tube Coin fully compatible with standard Ethereum wallets and ERC20 contracts. DIY Tube Coin can be bought and sold directly with Ethereum or traded on exchanges for other coins or fiat currency.


Why DIY Tube Coins

DIY Tube Coins Are Widely Accessible And Based On The Ethereum Blockchain For Stability And Security.


Safe And Secure

Based on ERC20 contracts and riding on the Ethereum blockchain. DIY Tube Coins are fully compatible with the Ethereum wallet, making them safe and secure.


Global Accessibility

The Ethereum blockchain is distributed around the entire World. Being the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum based coins are widely accepted.


Trust And Reliability

Again, Ethereum based ERC20 contracts are secure and reliable. With Ehtereum nodes around the globe loss of data is nearly impossible.


How To Store And Trade DIY Tube Coins

Download A Wallet

Go To Myetherwallet.Com And Set Up An Account There. Remember To Save Your Private Key And Password In A Secure Place.


Add DIY Tube Coins

Add DIY Tube Coins To Your Wallet. Simply Scroll Down To The Bottom Of The Right Hand Side Bar. There You Will See The Link “Add Custom Token”. Copy And Paste “0x141797bca73ad90844d88105c8fdd8acb4c75b48” Under “Token Contract Address”. Then Enter “DIYT” In The Next Field And “18” For Decimals. Click On Save. Your Coins Will Be Imported.


Send And Receive With Wallet

You Can Always Check Your Coin Balance On The Bottom Right Column When Logged Into Myetherwallet. To Send Or Receive Coins Click “Send Ether & Tokens” On The Top Menu. After Logging Into Your Account Again, You Can Now Enter The Recipients Wallet Address And Amount Of Coins To Send. Click On The Drop Down Arrow And Choose “DIYT”. Gas Limit Will Be Automatically Filled In For You. Click On “Generate Transaction”. On The Next Screen Confirm The Details And Send The Coins.


DIY Tube Team

Meet The Main Members Of The DIY Tube Team. Other Members Include Silent Partners, Investors And Advisors.

Troy Reid

Founder & Marketing Manager


Daniel Neto

Developer & Partner


Chris Miller

Computer Tech & Beta Tester


Other Team Members


Financial Partners




Social Media Mangers


DIY Tube Video Origins

DIY Tube Video Community formed back in November 2017 when the Troy, the founder, had a feeling that YouTube was going to take a major negative turn. Payments from YT were slowly diminishing over the past two years already so people felt that something was in the air. Some lawsuits were going on and many content creators were seeking somewhere else to host their work.


Troy owns The Do It Yourself World LLC, plus a website and YT channel with the same name. The Do It Yourself World channel has over 100,000 subscribers even now. But with constantly reduced payments for the same work, it was soon not going to be enough to live on. So the idea of DIY Tube Video Community was formed. The original idea was to have ads playing on the videos and share 50% of all ad revenue with content creators. But getting ads requires a lot of traffic and some time behind you. Time was not on our side since YT was making even more major changes in the way they paid people. The accounting would also be a nightmare for a startup company to pay people in different countries around the world.


From these issues DIY Tube Coin was born. In early May of 2018, 249,500,000 DIY Tube Coins were minted to be used for payment to members on the DIY Tube Video Community. Now there was some more flexibility and the idea came up to reward all members for activity on the site. Since cryptocurrency has no borders, people around the globe can be paid with much less accounting to deal with. The idea of a virtual wallet inside the website further reduces accounting issues. Virtual transactions can occur every day with no costs or fees. Only when the coins are taken out onto the Ethereum blockchain is a taxable transaction with gas fees taking place. (Gas is a sort of transaction fee on the Ethereum network).


Members are paid in DIYT Coins every 24 hours for activities on the site. Content creators are paid for video views and thumbs up. Members who leave comments are paid for their comments and thumbs up. Now, if you make a comment today, you will be paid tomorrow.


Since the founding of DIY Tube Video Community, the team has grown to include a developer, beta tester and computer tech and more. Some members of the team prefer to remain unknown in order to protect them from harassment. Since Troy started out on YouTube and has such a large channel, trolls follow him around and harass anyone who gets close. For this reason, some of our members remain “silent” members in order to protect them from harassment.


The core members of the team are shown above in order to be as open and transparent as possible.



DIY Tube Timeline

Timeline Of Events And Future Plans For DIY Tube Video Community.

Plans Timeline Success Links
Form DIY Tube Videos 3rd quarter 2017 Went live November 2017 Www.Diytube.Video
Get cloud storage 1st quarter 2018 In the cloud Mar 2018
Mint DIY Tube Coin 1st quarter 2018 March 2018 Www.Diytubecoin.Com
Get DIY Tube Coin on exchanges 1st quarter 2018 DIYT Coins available on Forkdelta DIYT On Forkdelta
Integrate coin with video site 2nd quarter 2018 Nearly finished —-
Set up live chat pages 2nd quarter 2018 —- —-
Form DIY Tube blockchain 3rd quarter 2018 —- —-



Future Plans For DIY Tube Community

We are planning to get DIY Tube Coin listed on coin exchanges soon. The exchanges will be listed here as we are accepted. This will allow DIY Tube Coin to be bought, sold and traded for all the common cryptocurrencies and also for fiat currency.


In the second to third quarter of 2018 we are planning to expand the community to include live chat and discussions.


Sometime in late 2018 we plan to form our own blockchain where our entire database will be hosted. At this time we will introduce a new coin which can be mined. The blockchain will be open source to allow people to write their own aps.

You can have a look at their Whitepaper here.


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